Meeting room/Event

Cafe Amazon is one of the most famous coffee shop brands in Thailand. They serve exceedingly fresh coffee with carefully selected premium beans as well as a large range of delicious bakery items. Relax here before or after a long day or meet up with friends, family or colleagues and enjoy a coffee break.

Meeting room type 1 (15-20 persons)

This is our smallest meeting room which is ideal for more intimate private meetings. The projector screens and sound equipment are of excellent quality.

Meeting room type 2 (30-50 persons)

This is our medium sized offering and is perfect for larger meetings, training sessions, seminars and workshops. There is a large projector screen and a top quality sound system.

Meeting room type 3

This is our largest meeting room and ideal for large meetings, banquets, celebrations, weddings large workshops and formal events. There is a large projector screen and once again, a top quality sound system.

* Opening in 2023